Mildew on my leaves!!

binkalette(Minnesota)September 16, 2009

Ok so the pumpkin I planted earlier this year now has 3 pumpkins on it.. One of them is very orange already, the largest one is just starting to turn orange, and the third hasn't started turning orange yet at all..

Now, a couple of days ago I went out and noticed that the oldest leaves on the vine were starting to turn yellow.. I figured it was normal because the fruits are maturing.. but then I noticed there is white powdery mildew spots ALL OVER the leaves! Almost all the leaves are effected at least some... this seems to have developed very quickly.. because a week ago, there wasn't any mildew spots.

My question is: Will my pumpkins be ok?? Do I need to find a mildew killer and use it on the leaves now or will the pumpkins be fine if the vines die? Our weather is starting to cool off here and some of the tree's are beginning to change and drop leaves. Thanks for any help!

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You can spray your vines, to minimize mildew damage and possibly give the younger pumpkins a chance. But it is already past mid September and pumpkin vines are destined to die soon anyway. Pumpkins , melons, winter squash etc.
can continue ripening even after harvest.Ripening is a bio-chem process that in the later stage will take place inside the fruit. We see this all the time with some of the fruits sold in super markets.

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