Butterfly Bush wind burn HELP!

renkmaMay 24, 2013

Gardening for over 25 yrs, but just moved to rural southwestern Ontario Canada (right across from Detroit Michigan) - first year gardening with almost constant moderate to strong winds off the surrounding farmlands, and punishing sun.

Most of my plant selections for these conditions are doing well, but the several butterfly bushes I purchased for the back area of the garden are being burned by the wind. I've got pampas grasses and heliopsis behind them to act as a bit of a windbreak for the rest of the garden, but they are not big enough yet to grant the butterfly bushes any protection. I've mulched them and give them super generous waterings ever day, but they are still suffering. Any suggestions? Should I build little canvas windscreens to protect them until the other plants are big enough to give some protection, or should I move them to less windy areas if there is any hope for them making it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Evaline from Essex Ontario

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Nevermind - they needed to adapt and are now thriving. Just needed a lot of TLC, watering, a nice pillow of mulch to keep the ground from drying out below them. I even have a couple of lovely little toads living beneath them now.

So for anyone whose Butterfly Bush are being burned in the wind and relentless sun - just keep them hydrated and mulched - they will adapt.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Agreed, plenty of both down here! Glad your shrubs are looking better.

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I'm going to disagree....just watering a plant will not defend against drying winds.....especially in winter.
There's nothing dryer than a winter wind.

Let's examine one other surface that we know well of the drying affects of wind.
Our skin....is one of the most dry surfaces that we are constantly aware of.....and we spend billions of dollars on lotions to help prevent its affects.
Yet, we probably put loads of water onto ourselves with shower, and baths and otherwise.
Then we rub the lotion on.

So I say again....watering doesn't defend against wind.
Sure, it can help a plant to not dry out...but that's the roots job.....sending moisture up into the leaves.
In the meantime, the wind is doing its best to dry them out.
Showering a plant with water wont do much to allay wind damage....in fact, water on some plants' leaves is what we don't want. (roses come to mind)

Build the wind barrier and use it whenever (wherever) wind can affect your plants.

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