tall juniper eaten at bottom-what to do???

hikerwanda(Niagara Region, Ontario)May 7, 2013

The deer were very very hungry. Our lovely 10 foot tall juniper is missing its lower leaves! What to do? Is there anything we could plant in front of it to make it look decent?
Would a climber work on a juniper?
I am a gardener with limited experience but with lots of deer in my backyard.

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

I wouldn't use a climber on a juniper. In my opinion it just wouldn't look right. Some nice deer resistant shrubs would look good though.

As for what type of shrub would work, it depends on what you want (flowering or not, deciduous or evergreen, height, etc.), it depends on how much sun the area gets, and it depends on what type of soil the area has (loam, clay, sand, dry, waterlogged, etc.). So I can't really give you any advice there.


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hikerwanda(Niagara Region, Ontario)

I need a plant that is deer-resistant and not sensitive to black walnut trees. In the photo is the juniper that has no leaves for the first three feet.

To the right of the juniper is a dead viburnum---we did not know some species of viburnum are poisoned by black walnut. And then behind the viburnum are dead hydrangeas---also sensitive to the black walnut toxin.

The juniper is anchoring one end of the bed. A large oregon grape is about 12' west of the juniper anchoring the other end of the window. There are ornamental grasses (48") beside the juniper. Shorter grasses and penstemon in front. Autumn Joy sedum is to the south and east.

The plant I am looking for would be south of the juniper and just west of the plant replacing the viburnum. Like the juniper, it would be anchoring the corner of that bed. It would need to be harmonious with the opposing oregon grape.

The soil is clay. The position is south-facing. The plant would need to be drought tolerant. I am looking for a 36-40" spread and a height of 36-48".

Is it possible to send the same post to more than one forum. I really need help with this.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Where is the Black Walnut? I grow Doublefile Viburnum under a Black Walnut, but that might be too large for you. Perhaps something like Russian sage?


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