Black spots on my Delphiniums

kimmelMay 13, 2006

I have been trying to grow delphiniums for a few years now, with very limited success. They are gorgeous the first year, but most of them develop small black spots on the leaves and die off at the end of the season, never to return. The few that survive the first year usually don't survive the second, for the same reason. I have tried spraying with antifungal, but it doesn't seem to stop the problem. What am I dealing with, and how to I get it to stop?

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It sounds like you are dealing with a bacterial leaf spot disease that are difficult to control. Avoid overhead watering and good sanitation (removal and destruction of infected plants and parts) seems the best way to control it. Or try a different part of the garden if you want to grow delphiniums. Some information on the web about using a copper based spray (combined with above recommendations), but mixed information on how effective it is.

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