Bird House gourds- please help!!!

hotshott(6)September 1, 2008

OK, my gourd plants are dying but I thought I could revive them with some natural fertalizer. I don't have extra money to be spending on it (have twins and "new" house), but was wondering if there was something from my kitchen our around my house they qould enjoy? For instance, I put egg shells and coffee grinds on my rose bushes.

Also, could it be possible to be wantering them too much? The leaves are turning yellow and dying from the root up. There is new growth and that looks great, but am I at a loss here?

Thank you for helping me! This is my first year growing them and I am a major crafter and will be SO dissappointed if I don't get at least one out of my five platns this year.


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gourd_friends(z5/6 IL)

You didn't mention any gourds on your vines. What is the condition of the gourds? Have they reached a size that would carry them through to maturity?

If there are no gourds, or they are very small, they probably won't make it this year.
As for the coffee grounds, and egg shells, we try to add them before the growing season, and work them into the soil.

You may have to consider this season a learning season, and try again next year.


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Older leaves die, that is normal and not a problem. As long as the new growth is healthy the plants are fine. If you don't have gourds forming yet you might not get any to maturity before frost. Hard-shelled gourds take awhile to grow. I plant mine mid-May in zone 7.

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