help my blueberries!! *pics*

kushyMay 7, 2012

hello gardenweb im having trouble with my blueberries. im quite an avid horticulturalist but this is my first experience with blueberries and they have been giving me trouble. i have 3 varieties, northcountry, chippewa, and bluecrop. bought at the end of march. all are potted in a homemade mixture of peat moss, compost, worm castings, pro mix, perlite and vermiculite. also added shredded oak/maple leaves and pine needles, and mulched with a cedar bark mulch. i was under the impression that i provided them with an optimum home nutrient and ph wise, (ph is 5) yet they dont seem to think so, and im having leaf issues. now, my harvest this year is already destroyed because of a late spring frost killing most of my flower buds. so i can now use this time to better establish the plant. i seem to be having a myriad of problems at the same time. some leaves have white/beige edges and are curling, others are turning black, and the new leaves at the top are very light green, dimpled and miscoloured. these issues only started about a week ago. before that, they were healthy in my soil mix for about a month. any help plz?


Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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im starting to think my problem might be a potassium deficiency, along with some kind of powdery mildew. im not quite sure yet. as i said i'm new to blueberries. actually they have given me nothing but problems since i bought them. i prepared in advance and built a special acid, micro nutrient and organic matter rich soil mix. did everything my best to ensure good results. when i first got them, they were a light green and starting to bloom. they then turned red when the temperatures went down, which had me on edge for a while. then one night there was a frost apparently, and that wiped out all of my flower buds, completely killing my harvest for this year. but then, after all of those headaches, they rebounded. once the soil warmed up a bit, the leaves darkened, and shined right up to a beautiful emerald green. the red tones went away, and everything was going great. then about a week ago i noticed some white marks/splotches on the upper portions of a couple leaves that didnt come off with water, and now im having these leaf issues. which leads me to the conclusion its powdery mildew, but everything i read says powdery mildew doesnt set in until mid/late summer. also the burning/necrosis of the leaf tips of the new growth, seem to indicate a potassium deficiency. this is all such a headache, i just want them to get settled in so i can stop thinking about them all day. any help would be appreciated.

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also, because i posted in more than one forum; canadian gardening, great lakes gardening and container gardening. gardenweb has marked my original account as a spammer or something, and wont let me reply to posts, so i had to make a new account. will my original account be unblocked after a while?

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Nancy Kessler

I bought three blueberry plants and have the same issue. The leaves got whithered, turned half dead and the rest are wilting. No amount of fertilizer or water will fix it.

I've just conceded defeat. I'll have to see what I can replace them with.

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bunky(z6 OH)

I think you are all doing too much! My blueberries (NEO) are and have been
doing extremely well. My friend's are not and they are all making a fuss over
them.. I simply planted mine in normal
soil directly into the ground where I wanted them, kept them moist (mulched
with wood mulch). Within a few months I saw new growth and they haven't
stopped growing. I put wood chips from the chicken coop on them every year
and that's all I do. I have outstanding production with three plants...all we can
eat and freeze for the year. We do cover the plants with bird netting as the
birds do love them. I'm sorry I'm late in responding, but hopefully you won't give up on them. They taste sooo good!

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jomuir(z5 detroit)

not sure about your blueberries but as for not being able to post replies to your own original posting...often members complain this happens to them. What I see recommended to them is to change the subject line of the posting you're replying to.

For example, my posting title defaulted to RE: help my blueberries!! *pics*

You'd want to change that so something else, anything else. I think that 'may' solve that problem. I don't know anything about blueberries so you're on your own for that one!

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