All this rain...

ribbit32004September 21, 2009

I tripple-dog-dare my cucumbers to grow bitter and claim they didn't get enough water.

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Tell me about it!

By my rain gage, we've had about 10 inches and there in no end at sight yet. All the seeds I have planted are in water so are the seedling. My patches are pretty much well drained, if it just paused raining for a while.
I want my sunshine back!

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pam_3(GA 7b)

You made me laugh, ribbit. Our house is ok (a little water in the basement), but my backyard is, well, different. We watched as my son's wooden playset broke, fell over, and floated away. Our lawn furniture is gone, the bridge over our tranquil little creek (that turned into a raging monster!) is three doors down in the neighbor's yard. And sadly, my son's memorial garden is flattened. I hope everything will recover. It just looks so sad...flattened and covered in silt.

I hope everyone's ok!

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Everyone should give an update, letting us know they are ok. We are very blessed to be on high ground. We had a teeny bit of seepage into the garage. Enough to soak up with a few old (unused) diapers. :) (We seriously held onto them for just that purpose. They work wonders!)

I hope everyone else is safe and sound.

I worked outside yesterday, cutting things back, picking up sticks, and weeding, weeding, weeding! I feel guilty being glad for the rain. It was a tragedy for so many. I guess if we are looking for any sort of silver lining, it will be in the form of a "second spring" for the garden. I already have lots of perennials coming back after going dormant in the dryness.

So -- how is everyone else!!!!!!!?????

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OK here. Every path turned into a river, more than sweeping away the mulch - roots were exposed. The water also created a few new "paths" as it tried to find a way to flow. My neighbor's pond overflowed and sent a deluge of water onto the property line. Three shrubs were swept away (Leucothoe), but nearby there were 3 Itea that survived (but they took a beating).

On the last day (the worst day), parts of my front yard were underwater by a few inches and there was even water up against the foundation. An area in the back was quite swampy for a while too. All that receded once the rain stopped.

After watching the news, I realized we were quite lucky and I am grateful.

On a positive note: all the grass I transplanted to my neighbor's yard (neighbor across the street) kept a deluge of dirt and debris from coming into my yard! It worked perfectly.

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glad everyone is safe. Our gardens we can rebuild. my normally trickling creek turned into a raging river, added to by the neighbors pool behind us. My bridge and sewer pipe were fine. We witnessed logs, playsets, toys etc being carried down the creek to the Chatahoochi. My neighbors were not so lucky, they lost their bidge (again and their sewer pipe (again. Some of the plants along the creek sides are gone. I like to think of it as donating to my neighbors landscapes. I hope they have some nice surprises next spring! My terraces held up just fine, the grass at the back was under water for a while but is looking ok today. Have been up to the lake today to check on our cabin . Its normally about 70 ft from the we have real lakefront property - the water is about 20ft from the deck! I am guessing that the 'garden' will be gone, but the house is fine. The driveway has been washed away totally.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

We luckily haven't planted the new garden yet! The front garden is just fine, thriving nicely after all that rain...but the back - our guest house was under 3' of water - so our entire back was flooded. Luckily it is still, a work in progress and the contractor was out there (we were away) viewing everything and could see where more assistance is needed in situations like this. Twice in 5 years have we seen this kind of flooding and that doesn't bode well for a we need a little extra fortification. But for the most part, things are fine. Only one tomato plant went over - and I was able to harvest 26lbs of food today, so not bad at all. I was expecting to see decimation.

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