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sethramesh(z7 GA)September 14, 2008

Here are some pictures of my front yard. I bought this home 2 years back, but never had the time to focus on the front yard. Now I am determined to make it beautiful. I am grateful if you give me some idea on what to plant( Lawn, Shrubs etc) I am in Georgia, Zone 7. Thanks

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Could you say what city you live in and are you under water restrictions?

Before giving recommendations it is important to know:

a) what are your goals for this space (you want it to be beautiful, obviously, but what about low maintenance, how will you use it, are there any special plants that you want)?

b) what plants do you have there now (looks like a dogwood on the right, but not sure about the other big tree) and are you interested in keeping them all or which would you like to get rid of?

c) do you have neighborhood covenants which would require to keep some lawn or any thing else?

d) what kind of budget do you have (roughly) and is there irrigation in this area or will you have to water everything?

Absolutely, fall is a great time to plant so now is a good time to be planning.

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yomamanem(7B Georgia)

I am also working on my front yard, although it is a new house and I am starting from scratch. My goal was to use as little sod as I could get away with but I know that grass or sod is nice to set off other plantings and soften street and driveway edges. Your front yard has nice mature trees, but I can see sunny areas which may need a little grass. Under the shade of the trees would be a good area to have shade underplantings such as hostas, azaleas, ferns, etc. Let the sun and shade dictate what you plant and think about using some grass. (It will soon be too late to put in warm season sod.) When it is properly rooted in, zoysia is very hardy in your zone. Grass is actually a cheap ground cover. I have really considered this very carefully for my own appliction.

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sethramesh(z7 GA)

Thanks both of you for your posts; Here are the answers to your question Esh_GA

I Live in Marietta, There are water restrictions, but new landscape has exemption if we take a online course.
a) As you say, I need beautiful as well as Low Maintenance yard (Xeriscaping etc). No specific preference.
b)The big tree , I think is sliver Maple. I just trimmed it so that the yard has sun
C)No neighborhood covenants; No Home Owner Association
4) Flexible on budget; I have experience in installing Drip Irrigation; So will do that

Thanks again for your help

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