Who bought their annuals already?

rofl57May 4, 2006

I did - two weeks ago. I have them in my wagon, every morning I wheel them out, every evening I wheel them in. Every year I say I'm not going to do this, but I always do it anyway. 22 days until our last frost date.

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I tried pretty hard to buy mine last weekend, but the places I went to either 1)didn't have too many in yet or 2)had the same old varieties that I see year in year out. I'm going to try new varieties this year...in hopes of finding ones that the rabbits steer clear of! I know....there's no such thing....fat chance....

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karen_w(5 MI)

Me. We're having a big party for my daughter tomorrow. She leaves for Peace Corps May 15 (which is our generally accepted "safe" date) and I wanted the yard/containers to look nice. Little dahlias, nonstop begonias, some gorgeous dark-purple-with-white-speckles streptocarpus, various and sundry container plants, all planted. Two caladiums, not planted. And it's supposed to be 32 Saturday night. It's OK, I have LOTS of covers.

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Me too, but I had to put them all in the garage Friday night. Got down to the low 30s. Thankfully, I hadn't planted yet. Last night was pretty cold too, but I left them out and they seem ok.

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I did. I even planted a few, and I panicked a little when I saw the Frost Advisories on Friday night. I brought in everything I hadn't already planted. All is well, though. It's just too hard to resist once they start putting them out at the nurseries!

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tufameister(z4 WI)

I got mine last weekend - mostly for containers. I've already had to bring the containers in a couple of times. Now today we are having horrible winds and major rain, so I hope they survive!

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Got mine from Blocks and then went to Schwartz. Everybody is outside on the patio, I'm just waiting for the rain to stop to plant them- well now have to wait for the soil to dry up a bit too. Good, it gives me some time to get the inside chores done.

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I went to Block's also and bought around seven flats and a couple hanging baskets already. I started my containers, but haven't put anything in the ground yet. I keep my flats by my shed sheltered under my huge lilac. I have been checking Accuweather every couple days to keep an eye on the low temps. Next week looked a little scary with lows in the mid-30's.

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Me too....can NEVER wait...I am worried about them at night and today the temps were in the 40's!!!!!. Is there a web site that tells me each plants cold hardiness?

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I've only bought container annuals. Have left them out since May 6th!! Still doing good. (on covered porch) I have planted tons of perennials! In the rain and have transplanted bushes. Figured why not do it now since we are getting all this rain! LOL>

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