sand and salt and sun (and ornamental grasses?)

GSchoenfeld(z6 ny,)September 18, 2005

I just bought a house on Coney Island, 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, with a long, narrow backyard, 20' x 50'. The soil is extremely sandy, probably quite salty, and exposed to bright sunlight most of the day; the only shade is from two wooden fences, 6' high, on both sides of the property. I am planning to put a flagstone patio and path down, and am also looking for other things to plant, including a ground cover. I love ornamental grasses, however I am not sure how they will do in these conditions, and I also am eager to find out which ones would be good as handsome specimens and which ones might serve as a ground cover. Any comments or suggestions will be very much appreciated.

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Bluestem Nursery provides listings of OG's for specific landscaping conditions, including sun/shade, drought or salt tolerance, height etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestem Nursery

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OG's will do great in your space. Chances are, there's no salt in your soil, as salt is highly soluble, and would be washed out by rain. Salt air is another thing entirely, and I've found that most plants tolerate it just fine. I live beside a saltwater canal, and grow all sorts of grasses and other perennials with no problem.

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I doubt, also, that your soil will be salty. We are on sand here, in some areas of our yard, by our creek it's almost like play sand. Ornamental Grasses do wonderfully, and I never amend the soil for them. Go for it. I like the miscanthus for specimens. Polly

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