trimming lantana

kbugsSeptember 23, 2008

i am digging up my lantana to bring with me to my new house. i have to pot them in pots for about a month. could i trim them? they are rather large and having space issues.

thanks in advance!

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I can relate to "large" Lantana. I have one that is determined to populate the entire SW corner of my garden and the adjacent driveway, even though I prune it back to about 6" each spring.
If you can move them, without pruning now, you would lessen the chance of water entering the cut hollow stems and freezing during the winter, to the detriment of their health. An alternative might be, to cover the cut ends with a plastic baggie and rubber band and remove in the spring, along with the dead stems.

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I have had a lot of success with moving lantana into pots; and, each time, I have pruned them severely before the move. However, I have usually done it in the winter time, so not sure about right now. Lantana's pretty hardy though. I would think you've got a REALLY good chance of this working. RB has a good point though. What about just trimming them back to a workable size (a lot of folks prune their lantana in late summer/early fall anyway, to encourage longer/tidier blooming) and then potting them?

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