edible palm fruit?

esthermgrSeptember 19, 2009

Help! I want to eat something enticing and I have no idea if it will kill me!

We have a smallish palm tree in our back yard, about 12 ft, with the kind of fronds that start low and grow all the way up, not hte kind with the long tall bare stem. It has made large clusters of yellow fruit that smells like apricots and apples and looks delicious. I just caught on that it might be edible. Most of it is on the ground now, but before I let the rest go to waste I want to know- does anybody have any idea about whether this is edible? I looked online and to me it looks a bit like a Brazilian jelly palm. Is anyone else growing a palm tree in Georgia (Atlanta area) that they eat from?

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davidcf(7 GA)

You probably have a Pindo Palm (Butia capitata), which has big marble sized orange fruit. Pindo Palm fruit is indeed edible - also known as Jelly Palm since the fruit is sometimes used for that purpose. Yours would be the first fruiting Pindo Palm I've heard of in Atlanta. In fact I have never seen a mature, established, fruiting Pindo Palm in the northern half of Georgia. Enjoy while it lasts.

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Go ahead and Google search "pindo palm fruit" and see that is what you've got as David suggested. Check the images too.
Ther is a lot of info on it.

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I think that might be what I've got. Just can't quite tell. Those fruits sure smelled good, though. I think next year I'll risk it and eat one adn see what happens.

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