Bishop's Weed, goutweed, aegopodium YUK

perrydel(z5b OH)May 28, 2006

There have been numerouse posts on this horrible "Devil's Weed". I have yet found a positive solution for eradication. Several of my gardens are overrun with it. Here is how I'm going to try to eliminate it and would like anyone to pipe in.

I bought landscaper cloth, yards and yard of it. I'm laying it over the weeds overlapping the cloth and then I will put mulch on top of that. I have just started, so I know not what will happen. Does anyone have an opinion as to this battle plan.

I also would like to know if anyone has been successful in using another ground cover to crowd it our. I have lots of English ivy and that is a successful combatant. I also have sweet woodruff and I'm wondering if it would be a strong enough warrior to battle the "devil weed". Does anyone know ?

Perry in Ohio

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I hope it works for you but...I know that aegopodium will eventually grow right through landscape cloth and mulch. It is a heck of a mess second season trying to remove landscape cloth that has plants growing right through it. One method that has worked for me was cutting the goutweed back to soil level and waiting for the new shoots to appear. Once you have 1 to 2 inches of growth apply a weed spray like round-up or the organic variety that is comprised of cider vinegar. If the goutweed is amongst other plants a paint brush works well. Good luck.

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Did you ever try planting woodruff near the goutweed? I have a neighbour who says the woodruff I gave her chased the goutweed out of an area in her garden. I'm giving it a go this year.

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