My first year growing Ornamental Grasses

grassboroSeptember 26, 2011

This was my first year growing ornamental grasses and I thought I would share how things have worked out for me so far including the surprises.

1- Love m.Adgio. I planted a three year old potted plant I got for half price back in late Feb. at a nursey. It was kind of just sitting in a back area and they said I could have it for $12. This plant has grown very large in width. I did not expect it to bloom in early summer like it did and it has now put out another flush of new blooms.

2- My m.Graziella was a good 1 gallon clump. This was the grass I was most excited about when I first planted. It has grown well and I really like the form of this grass but based on everything I had read I expected it to start blooming in Aug. It has just now started putting out plumes so it has disappointed some in this regard.

3- I planted a 1 gallon m.Silberfeder which was a nice clump but not quite as good as my m.Graziella. It has lagged behind in growth all year and then started to flop some. Suddenly in the last month it has really come on strong in growth and has started putting out a lot of plumes. Actually over taking the m.Graziella in number of plumes.

4- I always liked Karl Foerster feather reed grass and I like it even better now growing it. It gives you something early on in the spring and the nice wheat color now looks great with the other green grasses.

5- Did not originally think very highly of pennisetums but now my attitude about them has changed. They really fill in an area nicely.

6- I like the Cheyenne Sky red switch grass. It is smaller but fits in nicely in the front and has a wonderful color.

For my first year growing grasses I have really enjoyed them and I have the late fall and winter to look forward to.

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Watch out...they can be addictive, and they will really hurt your winter-rested pruning muscles when you cut them all down.

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