new here asking for bug ID help

moonandmagnoliaSeptember 15, 2008

hello everyone. i have been battling some sort of fungus and svb worms and caterpillars all summer organically. now, new bugs have appeared. is there anyway to upload a picture of them? they are orange red with black legs. also i have noticed that some plant leaves have little black bb gun pellets on them. they are probably not beneficial but i don't wish to kill them until i know for sure. also, has anyone heard of using skim milk and water to combat powdery fungus mildew? thanks for any help! i am a semi-newbie gardener.

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To up load a photo. Use a digital camera. Upload to an outfit like Photobucket (Its free) copy the html code ( third line under the photo on PhotoBucket. Paste into your response in the forum. Lots of folks report that the milk fungicide works as a preventative. I prefer baking soda myself. Have no idea what your red bugs may be. Leaf footed bug nymphs are reddish orange so could be a possibilty.

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thanks farmerdilla! you were so right, they are squash bug nymphs. i may have to hand pick them off, but then may try to get my young chickens to eat them, save me some time. organic gardening is a challenge! what baking soda mix do you use for powdery mildew? i may try that next. thanks again!

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