please help identify!

dolivoSeptember 20, 2011


My son brought home a seedling plant from school last spring that his teacher told me was a pumpkin plant. She said she got the seeds from a friend. I planted it in my garden and it took off growing.

Well, now I have 3 small "pumpkins". the biggest one hasn't grown or changed color in a month. I have searched online and asked everyone what kind of pumpkin this is and no one can tell me. i'm even starting to wonder if it IS a pumpkin.

Can someone tell me what this is, and give me some information about it?


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Looks like a cross of some sort. If the teachers friend got the seeds from a pumpkin she grew more than likely it cross pollinated with some other gourd, squash or pumpkin in the garden at the time. If you wan't a true pumpkin it is best to use seeds from a store. Squash and pumpkins are very promiscuous in the garden, with the bees help of course!

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wow... ok. I never thought about cross pollination. I also had yellow squash and zucchini in my garden. Is it possible that the bees cross pollinated the pumpkin flower with a yellow squash or zucchini male flower?
If so, is this a common occurance in gardens?

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You have some variety of Cucurbita maxima. The tradiation orange pumpkin is from C. pepo. C. maxima has, for the most part, larger pumpkins and squash, like the atlantic giant, big max, and prizewinner. That looks like it will remain a white variety similar to but not the same. It likely is a cross as pumpkins and other squash cross freely. But the cross that is being referred to happened before you got the seed. If another squash pollinates the flowers from this plant it will not affect the current years fruit. What it does affect is the seeds for next year.

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