IS this Hardy Pampas Grass?

silver8ackSeptember 2, 2013

I have a couple large hardy pampas grass in my backyard. I'm looking to propagate them but I believe it's doing the job for me. I have a few small pampas growing in a few areas but this one looks weird. Just wondering if these seed heads are from the pampas or something else entwined. I want to move this if it is indeed hardy pampas. Thanks.

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I have two of them. The picture you show does look like the ones I have, particularly the leaf shape and color varigation. My hardy pampas grass are huge.

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The photo is of Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus), one of the most invasive plants on Earth.

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Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is only hardy to zone 7 so whatever Vivian is growing, it is NOT pampas....most likely the cold climate substitute, Ravenna grass or Saccharum ravennae. I agree with Donn about the ID of the photo - definitely nutsedge (which only gets to about a quarter of the size of pampas grass, if that).

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Oh crap. I would've ripped this out if I knew it was nutsedge. I had no idea it could grow this tall. It's about 3 feet now. Is it possible it's pampas mixed with nutsedge? The seed heads aren't as tall as the rest of the plant. And the stems are hairy like my big pampas plants (which are about 12-13 feet tall now.

I have 3 other "baby" pampas that are about 4' right now with none of these seed heads. At least I was fairly certain they were pampas. I'll take some pics.

Also, I'm talking about hardy pampas, not the regular pampas.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Looking at a larger view of your image this is definitely a combination of nutsedge & another grass - most likely your 'hardy pampas grass' aka Erianthus ravennae
Leaf: pale green & creased = nutsedge
Leaf: darker green with white stripe = probably Miscanthus spp. or Erianthus.

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Be very very careful pulling up the nutsedge. It forms little tubers on its rhizomes (the 'nut' in nutsedge) which will become a new plant if left in the soil.

I dig them up and sift the soil to catch all the 'nuts.' As you can see in the photo, even small plants can have long far-reaching rhizomes.

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Gardengal, you are correct. The one I have is called "Hardy Pampas Grass Erianthus ravennae". It is good for Zone 4. Regular Pampas Grass is not hardy for my Zone 5.

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