Asparagus Growing??

stg-chicagoMay 2, 2010

My asparagus is not doing anything!!

Last year in spring I planted asparagus in my Chicago garden and all 10 root sets grew wonderfully all summer. In the fall, I mulched everything well for winter cover and cut back the foliage.

In April I cleared back the mulch. Now here we are the first week of May after a warm April, and the asparagus shows no sign of life.

Is asparagus just slow to come up? Or did it die?

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Just starting in mid-michigan. With last week's cold, they don't want to grow. Only a couple pounds in the WHOLE farmers market last Sat.

If the temps keep warm, dirt gets warmer, it should be shooting out of the ground soon.

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I have just planted ten nice plump roots in Barrie Ontario
How did you plant yours last year?

I did not make a trench etc. as is directed to do

Just planted them about eight inches deep and in nice warm, rich soil.

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I planted year-old asparagus roots 2 years ago. I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago, but then the asparagus started to appear. Have you seen signs of life since then?

BTW, this is my first time trying asparagus. I get a reasonable number of tall, very thin, feathery shoots, but haven't yet gotten any stalks thick enough to eat.

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It is important that asparagus gets off to a good start. I would go with the recommended culture in beginning.Also when you do get a crop do not harvest all of it. Leave some to grow into the feathery shrubs.Asparagus needs plenty of Phosphorus and potash along with nitrogen.
if you garden organically I would apply the equivelent of about 1 handfull of bone meal , greensand and wood ashes per linear foot..Any organic higher in Phos and potassium . If you are using commercial i would go with about half that amount of something like 12-12 -12 now . in spring start out in march with the same in about march then go with high nitrogen , blood meal , animal manure , compost or in case of commercial , urea around the 1st of May.If you are in the north country , I would mulch it when ground freezes and pull mulch off when ground thaws. Both fall and spring freezes and thaws would be a good time for the Phos and pot applications. Also be careful how deep you make your harvest cut. None of these suggestions are precise but if you generally follow this type of culture you should have good crops.

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after harvesting asparagus how long is it necessary to let the "ferns" grow before cutting then short (about to a 2 foot length). Unfortunately I have planted the asparagus in a section of my garden where they end up shading other plants. I would like to cut the asparagus down to a 2 foot height.

Thank you much for your help.

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theforgottenone1013(MI zone 5b/6a)

You should let the asparagus ferns die back naturally (which will be in the late fall) before you cut them. Otherwise the plant won't be able to store enough energy for the following spring.


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Hi there! New to the forum and asparagus growing...

I've planted my asparagus crowns 8 (isn)" deep in a trench, but only about 1.5' between rows...

I just read that asparagus should be at least 4' between rows. Do you think I have a problem?

Also, my asparagus is rocketing through the soil, even though we've now mounded the trench quite high, and even more around each spear. Should I just let it do its thing?

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