What Are These?

Edymnion(7a)September 20, 2012

Picked these up at a produce stand, where they were only labeled as "batwing gourds". Batwing just refers to the color pattern though, not sure what kind of gourd has these weird flanges on it though.

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Probably some variation of Autumn Wings.

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You appear to be correct.
There also seems to be quite a bit of variety in colors for these. Going to save the seed from these (I'm presuming orange is ripe, so it'll have to be from the orange and black one, as it should be the best candidate for viable seeds) and hope I don't get some crossbred mess next year.

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Ornamental gourds come in all shapes and sizes. Orange is not an indicator of ripeness the green one is ripe too, they could also be any number of other colors and still be ripe.

It is very unlikely that you will get a gourd that is identical to that. Most will have a similar shape, but I guarantee you will get different shapes and colors. The more seeds you plant the better chance you have of getting something close.

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Note also, that these are actually C. pepo squash which cross readily with summer squash and pumpkins in the C. pepo species.

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