Ohio Gourd Show coming up ...

magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)September 13, 2009

If you haven't been to a gourd show then you have the chance to do so at the end of September in Greenville Ohio at the Darke County Fair Grounds. There will be dozens and dozens of finished gourds in about every technique you can think of - musical instruments, bowls, woodburning, carving and everything in between. I will put a link here so that you can check out some of the gourds that people in Michigan have entered in the Indiana Gourd show in 2008. There will also be classes offered at the Ohio show as there always are at other shows across the USA. For info you can just do a search for the Ohio gourd society and check out the details if you are interested.

Cheers from Kalamazoo MI

Here is a link that might be useful: Different styles of gourd crafting and art

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Greetings from Atlanta, GA

magickiwi, Are an artist yourself?
Some of those works shown in your link are very artistic.
I have not tried to work on gourds yet, because I have not had good ones before. But this year I have some interesting ones(stil on the vines). So maybe this wintr I will practice on them. I like burning and some light painting. Like I said, I am not an artist or craftsman in this area but I would like to try it.

About the show, I would have attended if I lived near by . But I am too far away.


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magickiwi(Zone 5 Michigan)

Hi Cyrus - the link was to photos of decorated gourds that were entered by Michigan gourd addicts in competition at the Indiana Gourd Show in 2008 - our Michigan gourd artists and crafters are a talented bunch for sure! If you check http://www.georgiagourdsociety.com/ you will find links there to some of the different gourd shows and gourders in the Atlanta area. When I first started out working on gourds it was because of a friend in the Atlanta area. Check out the Hot Lanta Gourd Patch and sign up with the Georgia Gourd Society. You ought to also check out the American Gourd Society - heaps of information there that I am sure you will enjoy. Myself - I enjoy woodburning on the gourds and chip carving ... mostly because I can't paint! Here is a link to photos I took the very first time I saw gourds! There are 15 photos there - the last two were my attempt at working on a gourd! I was hooked that day for sure.
Cheers from SW Michigan

Here is a link that might be useful: My first glimpse at gourds!

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