Blooms of Autumn Light and Gracillimus

strictus(IOWA - 4b/ 5a)September 5, 2005

Last year I planted some 2 Gracillimus and 1 Autumn Light that I was given pieces off of each from my BIL.

My problem is that I cannot tell yet which ones are which.

Both look to me like the slender leafed Gracillimus.

With blooms around the corner, I was just wondering if theres anything obvious I need to look for when they do bloom so I can be sure.

Any info would be appreciated.....


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Hi, I'm going to try to help, although there are a lot more knowledgeable about grasses than I am. Autumn Light should have blades about 5/8 in wide, and Gracillimus about 1/4 in wide. I don't know if that would vary due to the youth of the plant. The inflorescens on Gracillimus to me appear to be dark pink, almost burgandy, where the ones on Autumn Light are dark bronzy. I note in my plants in gallon containers the Autumn Light is definitely wider bladed. Polly

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jake(z4b-5 NE)

Strictus -

How can one live in Kentucky and have Iowa 4a / 5b climate zones?

What happened to 4b, 5 and 5a zones?


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strictus(IOWA - 4b/ 5a)


got the a and b's in the wrong places there didnt I !!!???

Guess I better edit my profile...Im not in KY either ???

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