id grass please

v1rtOctober 23, 2008

Took these pictures today at the office in Vernon Hills, IL. Height is between 4ft and 5ft. Flowers are white. Can someone please id it?

If I find them in nursuries, is it still fine to plant them? The nightly average temp here now is around 34F.


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I was at a nursery today. They have a very similar grass like I posted above. However, all 200 pots were bought by a landscaper. Anyways, he told me it's called Blood Grass.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

The grass you have pictured is a Miscanthus. Based on the growth form (more of a patch than a clump) I would guess that it is Miscanthus purpurescens.
If you find some at a REALLY GOOD bargin I would say that it would be worthwhile to buy a couple & just tuck them in the ground right in their pots until next spring.
If you find some at regular price I would give it a miss & buy them in the spring.


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I knew something was wrong when the nursery guy told me it was blood grass. I looked at some images this morning from google, it was totally way off.

Also this afternoon, I went to Home Depot, they had similar grass but not sure if it was the same. The name was Japanese Silver Grass.

I'm going to look for more nurseries tomorrow.


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mckenna(Z5 Chicago IL)

I agree with the miscanthus purpurescens. You can probably find them at home depot for cheap (at least they had them weeks ago) and many places have fall sales also. It is iffy to plant them now, but give it a whirl. Look at the latin names on the labels to make sure you get what you want, especially so at home depot. Great grass.


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willowmist(Z5 NH)

Almost certainly Miscanthus purpurascens; common name: Flame Grass.

I'd agree that it will most likely make it, as it's very hardy, but I'd only do it now if it's a great buy. Home Depot chronically underwaters grasses, and might even stop when grasses go dormant, so their stock could be severely dehydrated (even half dead.) If you do get any there, SUBMERGE the pots in water for at least 24 hrs, and then water the plants in the ground twice a week until at least Thanksgiving, unless your ground freezes hard sooner.

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