Morning Glory Light Requirements

mum_mumMay 2, 2013


I live in Chesterland, Ohio which is in Geauga County- Zone 5b/6a-

About how many hours of direct sunlight do morning glories require per day and are there any varieties that can withstand some shade?

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sherriseden(z6 IL)

Mum mum, they are said to need full sun, which is usually equal to at least 6 hours of sun. However . . . I have seen MGs perform fairly well in 4 to 5 hours of sun or even 2 to 3 hours if there is dappled sun before or after. The thing is that with less sun, there are fewer blooms.

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Thank you so much- The area in which I'm considering planting them gets full sun from just after sunrise until 11 - noon- Then dappled shade- Then sunny again as the sun begins to set-

I was looking on ebay last night at different varieties of Morning Glory seeds- Some indicate part shade- So guess I'll give it a go-

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I planted 'carnival mix' in my front garden last year (which has much the same light levels as you've indicated), and most of the plants did just fine. Don't expect the masses of blossoms you'd get in a more favourable location, though.

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Thanks for the suggestion- That sounds just fine- Some is better than none- My intention is to cover up an area where the soil is poor- There's that and in the event we have another drought this year they may survive due to mid-day shade- Out of everything I planted last year in full sun the morning glory proved to be the hardiest of the bunch- They got limp, no question- But bounced back after sundown-

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I have tons of blooms and they have sprawled across the ground filling in a large area. All they get is about 2 hours of direct sun per day because large oaks grow all around them. In the same area I am growing lots of productive tomatoes, marigolds, carrots, and potatoes. Sometimes I question direct sunlight requirements of plants.

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