Pumpkins not turning

gmom2-6boysOctober 6, 2008

My pumpkins are not turning orange. What do I do to make them turn for decorating. If they are still dark green are they good for pies?

Thanks for any advice


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Most Jack O'lantern type pumpkins will turn orange when ripe. If you planted one of those, and they are green, then they are not ready for pies. The only solution I know of is to let them ripen on the vine. Sorry!

Tahlequah, OK

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Are your vines dead up there in zone 4? If they are your pumpkins will either rot or turn orange off the vine. You can leave them in the sun to ripen, if they are able to continue ripening. Don't leave them outside when you expect frost or they will rot.

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Leave them in the sun to ripen.

Ah, but that is the rub. Your plants are not receiving sufficient sun power to turn them.
Next planting, give them 8 hours of sun at least a day.
Cant 8 ...then 7...cant 7...then 6, cant 6.....grow zucchini.

Into the hole under them, place a goodly amount of HOT MANURE....or COMPOST not too far along. Keep nitrogen down to a minimum and when your lawn is nearby, pay attention to how nitrogen fertilizer is given the area.

To keep the temperature of the soil up as long as it can do the plant some good, put a heavy layer of compost or mulch around them.

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