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Shari27June 3, 2013

Help! We just dethatched, rolled, seeded and watered and this is what are lawn looks like. We can't spray because we have put new seed down. We have resulted to pulling it out by hand which has cost several hours of labour. Can't seem to find what this is. It has small purple flowers, and skinny leaves, and spreads like wildfire! Any ideas as to what it its and how to control it (in Canada, where we can't use many pesticides) would be greatly appreciated.

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I can tell that it is not creeping charlie. We have that in our lawn, and the leaf shape is different.

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Holly_ON(6a Ontario)

I have it too. It looks like a type of sedum but I'm not sure. It certainly thrives!

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Creeping charlie is just one of many weeds that flower on our lawns.
Canada Thistle....imagine naming a weed like this after our country....
burled dock, bendweed, black medick, chickweed....oh...and the ever flowering dandelion.

To be sure what you have and how to attack it, dig up the thing....and take it to your local full service nursery who can best identify it.

Weeds in Ontario are one of the most talked about issues about our lawns....because the government in its wisdom charges us that we are imbeciles, who cant be trusted to spray herbicides, insecticides, and other cides, property.
So they tell us..."hire a professional" who is licensed to handle these chemicals.'er I say....go somewhere that still sells the products and bring them home.

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It's creeping Charlie, and I don't have a problem with it. Simply because none of my neighbours weed and seed so everything just blows across the neighborhood, and we have to live with it. It doesn't grow as fast as grass so my lawn cutting time is cut down!

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I don't think it's creeping charlie but Corn Speedwell (Veronica arvensis L.) I live in Southwestern Ontario and it showed up last winter as small clumps throughout the lawn (between the blades of grass) and the blossomed into what you have in that picture.

It's gone to seed now and is starting to dry up making it easier to pull out. I'm hoping that it doesn't show up again this year.

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We had a lot of that same weed in our lawn too. Our landscaper sprayed the area with organic horticultural vinegar (legal in Canada) and that killed it. Was also safe for birds, our dogs etc.
Mind you, it killed everything else it touched as well but there were so many weeds we decided to blitz the whole area and start from scratch again next year.
You may be able to spot treat the weedy bits if you're trying to save surrounding grass.
Good luck!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Is this cute little plant not suitable for walking and playing on? It's welcome here though has trouble when it gets too dry, just like the grass. One doesn't have to spend the time and money to have a monoculture of grass unless that really would be enjoyable. One could just mow whatever's there when it looks untidy and spend the time/money on something else besides killing tiny flowers.

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not exactly sure about canadian laws on spraying however this is a job for a professional. tried to get rid of this weed for 3 years with 'over the counter' granular weed and feed. i call it creeping veronica and it takes professional grade products to get rid of. even then, a few applications. looks like an ample amount in your lawn. maybe you can smother it with a tarp when weather heats up.

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We had the same thing in my yard in Northeastern Ohio. I was told it was a border plant gone wild, and we ignored it and mowed it.
During the summer droughts, my "lawn" was greener than the sodded and chemically treated ones on the street.

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