Best tasting Butternut

tomsato(6b)October 13, 2008


I have grown Waltham Butternut for 4 years now. They are great!

Lots of fruits and they taste sweet and great. Good for all kinds

of cooking and stores well for months.

Next year I am going to expand the butternet field and I am looking

at many varieties of Butternut but I am not sure which one to pick,

aside from Waltham.

Here is a list of Butternut I found on the Net.

Can anywone tell me which one are the best tasting squash?

You input will be most appriciated.


Metro PMR (F1)

JWS 6823 PMR (F1)

Waltham Butternut


Butter Boy hybrid

Burpee's ButterBush

Autumn Grow

Thompson Morgan

Waltham Butternut (Winter) - Duchy Originals

Neck Pumpkin Butternut


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I have not eaten a butternut with appreaciably better flavor than the Waltham. Productivity, size of fruit, and space requirement of vines are major differences. While all butternuts can be used as summer squash, the Trombocino is routinely grown for that purpose. Neck Pumpkins are somewhat similar to The Tahitian. Both are are large with curved necks. Butterbush is one the few that have the bush vines similar to a summer squash. About half the size of a Waltham fruit. The others on your list are pretty satndard in size a nd shape. If you have trouble with PM then PM resistance is invaluable.

Here is a link that might be useful: List of butternuts

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Thank you so much for your input.
I guess you grow Waltham, too.

PM is not so much a problem but I do have problems
dares and small animals eating my crop.

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