Planting near a furnace exhaust vent

KylaZJune 3, 2013

Hi all,
I am a total gardening newbie and getting going in the backyard of my new house. I want to plant a small Japanese maple next to my house but am worried about the exhaust from my furnace and gas water heater. I gues trees don't mind CO2 but i wondered if the hot air might cause damage in general or mess with the tree's dormancy somehow in the winter.

Anyone know how much clearance I should have? I was thinking 5'

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Japanese maple are notoriously moistness lovers...they should never be allowed to dry out.
Moist soil is what they like so I would think putting them next to a source of heat would be directly detrimental.

Be sure to get some advice from the people you are buying them from.

Enrich their soil with organic material....peat moss can help.
Water them regularly, even well in winter so the roots don't dry out.

If you are new to gardening, you have chosen a beautiful shrub (tree) to begin with.....but they do need careful attention.

As with other plants, be sure to take into account the mature size of anything you plant. It doesn't do any good to put a small tree....right next to the house....then find out 10 years later it is burrowing its roots through your foundation.
Size should be with its surroundings in mind so don't go full speed ahead....think ahead and plan your home's enhancements.

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