Newbie at growing ANYTHING...need to learn.

FSLTeacher63June 8, 2013

I can kill a silk plant, literally, but I love the taste of a great at age 58, and a city gal, I've embarqued on the new adventure of growing 2 tomato plants in their own containers on my westward-facing balcony. I went to Lowe's to buy the things I needed and planted them. My concern at the moment is the soil. Lowe's sold me Garden Safe's Organic Vegetable Garden Soil plus Natural Plant Food. Of course, after planting the tomato plants in the huge containers, I notice on the bags of soil a note saying that it is not recommended for container growing, and for best results, use the Garden Safe Organic All Purpose Potting Mix. Now my question is, since I'm not going to transplant the tomatoes into yet another soil, what should I do? Do I need to add something to this soil? Will I need to water more frequently? Do I still need to add Miracle Gro for Tomatoes later on? If my tomatoes do well this year, I'll try my hand at other veggies.

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The tomato plants will very likely do fine in the container set up that you describe. If there is already fertilizer in the dirt, then they will not need extra fertilizer for at least two months.

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