American Holly Ilex Opaca

hardytropicalguy(z6 SWMI)June 30, 2012

As seen in the Trees category of the forum. This impressive Holly is growing in SW Lower MI. I am planting Hollies today and had Holly on the brain so here it is!

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Very nice!!

An increasing number of people are trying out evergreen hollies north of the border too. Other than the ubiquitous I. x meserveae, people close to the southern Great Lakes are trying I. aquifolium, opaca, & pedunculosa. None as large yet as that one though.

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I'm going to try to grow I. opaca here in the Detroit area. I tried an aquifolium a few years back but it didn't make it.

I am going to have to mail order the plant, none of the local nurseries carry anthing but the basic meserveae hybrids like China Girl and Blue Girl.

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Very Cool!!!

Wavecrest Nursery in Fennville, MI sells a number of I. opaca cultivars. Just this past summer, I purchased one called 'Dan Fenton' and am attempting it at my mother's in Coleman, Michigan. I know Dow Gardens in Midland has a cultivar which is doing quite well too.

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