Idea for protecting squash blossoms...

joflo723(9b)October 6, 2013

I have been battling pickleworms and have been trying to think of ways to keep them OFF my squash blossoms, and I thought of something that might work...tell me what you think. I have a lot of leftover little organza gift bags from an old hobby. They look a lot like the pic below. Do you think it would effectively keep pickleworms from destroying my squash if I were to place one of these over each blossom until it blooms, then remove it and hand pollinate? Could it hurt the blossom at all (by not allowing enough light, air, etc)? Thinking I'll try one just to start and see how it does.

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This bag looks nice and pretty with a bit of transparency. I think it can protect the blossom but be prepared that young fruits could still abort due to bugs,weather and nutrition problem.

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Has anyone tried a spray of hydrogen peroxide & Dawn for pickleworms? I am getting desperate!

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