Thai Basil Pics and Tomato rot

ChicagoDeli37;iv_tkt=nfnfJune 11, 2012

Some of my better bush Tomatoes are coming in but some look like this on the bottom. What could I be doing wrong.

Basil hasn't been doing well. Any ideas why?

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pluto1415(6b (NEO))

I'm not an expert, but the tomato looks like it could be blossom end rot - head over to the Tomato forum, they'll know what it is.

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blossom end rot-you need more water and more calcium-usually its not enough calcium being transported to rapidly growing fruit via water uptake...when its hot(90+) water several times a day keep soil moist NOT WET, amend with gypsum(calcium sulfate) use coffee grounds chickitty doo doo and composted fish fertilizer-TOMATOES need lots of food and water

They originate in the ORINOCO that is the Amazon hot wet partial sun very rich soil-try to duplicate...if above 90s water well and shade if you can-good luck

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That is definitely Blossom End Rot on the tomatoes. I plant many tomatoes each year (in containers) and find that some varieties are more susceptible. Also the first few tomatoes on each plant have it. Once the plants get growing, the rest of the tomatoes are fine.

As for the basil - I've never seen anything like this. Did you put a heavy load of fertilizer in before planting? Has it been unusually cool? My basil likes it HOT and Moist.

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I find that the older the soil is, the more problems I have.

If you mixed some compost in with the soil and top dressed around your strugglIng plants they might change their attitude.

Also, let them know that you are not happy with their behavior. Maybe they will smarten up.

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