yellow squash flowers

ccabal(7)October 2, 2012

Hi all,

I have a few yellow crookneck squash plants that have been producing for a few weeks, but the production has been pretty low. I think part of the reason is that the place where they are planted has become more shaded as the fall has set in, but a couple of the plants have sprawled out and have been able to get more sun. I have seen something weird with these plants. Some times, the female flowers on the immature squash will not open. They will stay closed, and then the squash will not grow much, and after about 4 days or so of waiting, I have been picking , and eating them anyway, even though they are pretty small. I have had some open, and get pollinated, and grow like normal.

Yesterday, I had 2 pretty big but unopened baby squash, and I forced open the flowers, and pollinated them. We'll see if that actually work...

Is this normal? This is my first time growing yellow crookneck, (well second actually, my first attempt was wiped out by SVB earlier this year, but these plants have survived by BT injections weekly).

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