Identification help please Let's try this again

ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)September 4, 2009

This is grown as a large pot plant. It overwinters outdoors in Savannah. The stems are woody, the leaves are long and segmented. In the spring there are tiny white blossoms that come out at the joint segments. This summer leaves have come out along the leaf segments. I will post a couple of pictures. Maybe someone can help me identify this plant.

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I tried to answer this yesterday, and it got "eaten" somehow..... weird.

Unfortunately, my answer wasn't helpful at all. I was just going to say that I thought you posted this before and that someone had answered it. Was their answer incorrect?

My next thought is to perhaps take a cutting to your garden center. I have done this a few times at Pike's -- and always got a good, knowledgeable answer. I would try that!!!!!

Good luck!

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

Garden center might be my only hope. I did post it before but someone else piggybacked my post and his got identified and mine didn't. That's why I reposted with more photos and information.

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As someone has suggested, in the other thread, the segment leaves pattern and flowers coming out of the joints, indicate that this plant is probably related to xmas cactus.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Have you tried posting your pics in the
Name That Plant! Forum

and/or the
Cacti & Succulents Forum

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