eating a Pink banana squash

andyandy(6bMI)October 6, 2005

Last Saturday amongst other things I bought a ginat pink banana squash. It's almost three feet long and ways about 30 lbs. I paid $1.00 for it. I have read on-line that it is edible. Has anyone out there ever eaten this type of squash and if so was it any good? I also got a giant hubbard squash but I've had those before.

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

I have never eaten one but after finding this information I may try one.I don't think I have ever seen them around here though..............Lillie
This squash comes in three varieties:
blue, orange, and pink. Among the three
varieties, the pink banana is the most
common in the United States. It is grown
commercially in Florida. This large,
thick-skinned cylindrical squash averages
20 inches long and weighs around 12 pounds.
It is so large that it is usually sold in
chunks instead of whole. Its creamy textured
orange flesh offers a fruity and buttery
delight to your palate. Although both baking
and steaming are great ways to prepare this
tasty squash, steaming produces a slightly
sweeter, yet mild flavor.

Here is a link that might be useful: PINK BANANA SQUASH

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I have eaten it. It is one of the sweetest squashes I have ever eaten! Makes great pumpkin pie, too. The flesh is smooth and not 'grainy" like pumpkins and certain other squashes.

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I look forward to eating my banana squash. I'm going to the same farm Sunday to pick up the 500 lb. Atlantic Giant I bought for Halloween. If he has any more I may buy some.

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