Luffa Seed Question

jlhart76(6)October 22, 2009

About a month ago, I found a dried luffa on my vine, peeled it & got out all the seeds. Then a week ago I had to pick all of the others while they were still green. When I peeled them, I noticed that the seeds in them are white, while the seeds in the dried luffa are black. Can I plant the white ones, or are they not mature enough to make new plants? If not, what can you do with the seeds? Are they edible like pumpkin seeds?

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Last year I bought a luffa from Asian market. I am talking about the one ready to be used in the kitchen or bath.
I found two kins of seeds inside , white and black. I think probably the white ones were not mature.
To verify this, crack a few of each color. If they have good meaty inside, they should be fine for planting. But if empty or has skinny heart then they are no good for planting.

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Generally seeds have to mature to a dark color to be viable. Not in the case of pumpkin seeds though.

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