Question about planting squash and pumpkins

boothc9October 14, 2009

Hi everyone. I have a quick question.

When planting summer and winter squash should I let two plants grow right next to each other (within inches)? I was taught to only grow one plant in a particular space as to avoid root competition. However, I cam across some information telling me to keep two seedlings of squash after thinning. I was thinking this would be a good way to keep them from getting so huge. Any ideas?


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I still use the "hill"method of planting squash. 2-3 plants perhill seems to work fine if the "hills" are sufficiently far a part. Cuts down on replanting and thinning when conditions are not optimum. Trick is to give them adequate room over all. Vining squash can take a lot of room.

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Hear it from the expert! Farmerdilla said it.

Two to three seedlins per hill (I prefer 2, separated by about 5 inches), spacing each hill from all other neighboring hills by about 18". If you are a Square foot gardener, draw grids (like chessboard) that has square of 18 inches per side. Plant your seedsseedings at the center of squares. But if you plant them in rows, then space between rows will be more than 18". maybe 24".

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