Pumpkin Pollination

yellowbell(78728)October 8, 2007

This is my first time to plant pumpkins, and I know I planted them extremely late, but I decided to just see what would happen anyway until it gets cold (still very hot here).

The other day I finally had a female flower on one plant, but I had no male flowers on that same plant. However, there was one male flower on another pumpkin plant of a different, smaller, variety. So I decided what the heck, and just took the male flower off and rubbed it around in the female one on the other plant. A couple days later, today, there is a small green bulge about the size of a golf ball on the female flower. Was pollination successful, even though I used a different variety to pollinate?

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Yes you can pollinate pumpkins with other pumpkins and even summer squash or ornamental gourds will work. There some exceptions to this but for the most part all of the squash type plants with those big yellow flowers can pollinate each other. It sounds like it went well and hopefully you will get a nice pumpkin. It may not be ready for Halloween but assuming frost doesn't kill it you could have a nice one for Thanksgiving.

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Thanks for your reply - even if the frost does get it, that's okay. I'm kind of just practicing for next year (when hopefully I'll plant the pumpkins out at the right time). :)

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