Questions about marigolds

catherinet(5 IN)October 27, 2013

Someone told me last spring that marigolds might keep squash bugs away. So I planted them like crazy around my Waltham butternut squash.

We had a drought for most of the summer, so I only got a few squash which were very small. I did see squash bugs and nymphs, but they were mostly on one squash and the zuchinni.

My question is it possible to plant too many marigolds among the squash plants and it actually stunts the plants? Might it take too many of the nutrients away from the plants?
Also..........can I just compost the marigolds, or can I let them decompose over the winter in the ground where the squash were planted?
Didn't know if the marigold's remains might have a continuing effect on the squash bugs? ...or a bad effect on next year's squash?

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I would think as long as you keep your patch well watered and fertilized the marigolds and squash would not have to compete. The drought caused issues with my pumpkins too. There were only 1/3rd as many and they were quite small compared to most years. The May 2 snow storm didn't help, planted a month later than usual! I don't know about composting them or letting them stay in the patch. I certainly don't think it will hurt but not sure if it will help keep them away. I try to till several times after it frosts and late in the day before a hard frost so bugs or larvae are brought up to the surface to freeze over night. Not sure why but I had no trouble with Squash bugs this season, in 2011 and 2012 my patch decimated by them and I tried to get on top of them early!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Sid!

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