When to harvest cushaws?

neohippie(8b)October 23, 2010

Sorry if this has been asked a million times before (I see it's pumpkin season and the forum is full of questions), but I've been Googling and am having trouble finding info on when to harvest cushaw squash.

I'm growing Chihuahuan Landrace Cushaw from Baker Creek, and they didn't mention what color it's supposed to end up being. Right now all my fruits are ivory with green stripes, just like Green Striped Cushaw.

I have a couple that are pretty big and am eager to pick one to make Halloween goodies with. They're good and hefty and the rinds seem pretty hard, so you think I should go ahead and cut one and see what happens? How bad would it be if they were a little underripe?

I'm also a little worried because it seems I have another wave of SVB's. They killed all my other squashes, and still get the cushaws, but they manage to recover and grow back. Except sometimes they lose fruits in the process (they either abort them or the borer gets into the fruit itself and makes it rot). I haven't gotten a ripe fruit yet because of this, so I'm a bit eager to grab some before any more misfortune befalls them.

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Cushaws follow the same rules as all other winter squash. Have not grown that one, I have grown White Cushaw, Gold Striped Cushaw, Green striped Cushaw and Tennessee Sweet Potato. Not as susceptible to SVB as C pepo and C. maxima types. While I like to wait until the vines start dying, You can pick them as soon as the rind is hard. They will have more flavor if set out for a couple of weeks to cure. Flesh becomes less watery and consequently sweeter.

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Ok, I went ahead and picked one because... I guess the rind is kinda hard. Like... how hard is hard? Well, if I picked this one too early, there's plenty more to experiment with, as long as the SVB's don't get them.

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