Plant: Stock aka Mathiola

connie1946(4)June 30, 2006

Last year I got some Stock (Mathiola) from a local man's part/time nursery. and I wanted more this year. He had some growing in 2 inch pots. They are blooming at the top and quite tall (14 to 18 inches) BUT...There are no leaves on the bottom half length of the plant. I know this is supposed to be a tall plant....but should it branch out? I probably shouldn't have bought them...but they were dirt cheap and actually blooming in this leggy condition. Can I plant them quite a lot deeper than they are standing in the pots? so that the leaves are closer to the ground? a tomato can be planted deep and then it will grow roots. Or I should take off the top in hopes it will branch out lower down? or do annual have to be plated at the levell they are growing? Thanks...connie


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