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KrazyKim(z5 MI)June 16, 2005

If any of you have a really beautiful but on the smaller side, blueish/lavender lilac, I just want to take this time to apologize if it came up missing a few dozen blooms in the middle of May.

Here is the story: My dh and I married a year ago in May as I love lilac time. He surprised me by decorating our dinner table with lilacs, by the 100's! Beautiful. I took a spray and pressed it in our bible.

This year on our 1st anniversary, my only request was to have a small sprig of the same lilac to again put in our bible.

Unfortunately, the bush wasn't near bloom time.

When I woke up on the morning of our 1st anniversary, I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by an entire table full of the most beautiful lilacs ever.

Seems he walked a mile down the road at 4 in the morning to lighten up the neighbors bush (I had commented how much I loved the color...very unusual).

So, while I don't encourage thievery in any way....a 12 month bride was made so very happy by those beautiful flowers. And yes, one sprig is in our bible.

Our apologies, really.

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charlottev(Zone 4-4b)

Okay, apology accepted and I hope you gave one to the owner of this lovely bush in person. I too think it was a lovely gesture on the part of your husband and made you very happy, but perhaps one bloom would have done the trick too, rather than taking them all. The bush will survive of course but maybe the owner was looking forward to lots of blooms too. Next time ask permission beforehand. Happy anniversary, and good for you for having the courage to fess up, at least, in this forum.

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KrazyKim(z5 MI)

He didn't take them all......luckily.......he still had to walk back home in the dark, lol.
When I have some nice cut flowers going, I will take them a bouquet.

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

As a bride of 47 years, your story brings back memories of young love. However, wouldn't it be nice if he had bought you a blueish lilac bush of your very own. Jung Seeds sell that one. Then you could have then for years to come, and they last so much longer left on the bush.

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charlottev(Zone 4-4b)

KrazyKim, a wonderful idea about the flowers. Your neighbours will love them. Now get your own bush and you will really be happy!!! Young love, I've been married for 37 years, so good luck.

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KrazyKim(z5 MI)

He is such a romantic :)

We aren't young, however, just the love is. He's 42 and never been married, I'm 39 and have two weddings and one marriage to my credit, lol.

Jung's has that bush? Thank you, it is so beautiful. I will make the most beautiful bouquet I can. So, shall I confess our sins or just give it to them in a neighborly way? My dh plows snow in the winter, I'm thinking he should put them on the list. Thanks for the suggestions :)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I'm not really a Great Lakes gardener, but had to stick my nose in this one :) I'm afraid if my neighbor showed up with a bouquet and that story to tell, I could do nothing but wish them a happy anniversary, and laugh. And, I'D probably go buy you your very own lilac bush :) Best wishes for many more happy years!

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