SW MI and Miscanthus Senensis

arjayvee(Z5 SW Michigan)October 18, 2005


We are new to SW Michigan and we live in a sand-dune area - all sand. We really like ornamental grasses, especially the Miscanthus varieties (gracimillus, etc.). In much of our front yard, we will be planting dune grass. However, we would like to surround the dune grass area with interesting pockets of tall ornamental grasses.

Should we be building "enclosures" where we can remove much of the sand and add topsoil for the ornamental grasses or should we simply amend the area where the ornamental grasses will go?

I have heard that care should be taken when amending as the dune grass does not like to see its sandy environment "polluted" with topsoil, etc.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much,


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If your soil is truly 100% sand, I would amend the ornamental grass planting areas with plain old soil, not too rich. My 'topsoil' is about 50% sand, and the OG's seem to like it. Dig a planting pocket for each plant, at least twice as deep and twice the circumference of the rootball. Fill the bottom with the amended soil, and backfill around the rootball with it.

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