Green Gourds vs The dryer vent

gluecille(6)October 31, 2004

My dryer vent is about 6" above the floor of my deck. I took two birdhouse gourds grown this year and laid them by the dryer vent. Guess what???? The seeds are rattling inside the smaller one. The large one should be dry in a couple of weeks. They have been under the vent for approx. four weeks. I use the dryer every Saturday (just about all day) and maybe once or twice during the week most of the time I don't use it all through the week. I think I will sit one of my apple gourds by the vent and see what happens.

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sundae(NW Iowa)

lol what a way to dry ;o) What ever works though. I have set an egg gourd and a spooner on my stove and they get all that heat and from the oven too, still taking while, but far ahead of all the rest!


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I guess everybody tries new ways to dry faster... last year I put a pile of egg gourds in my old non-running Camaro (which sits behind my barn in the sun all day long). It gets extremely hot inside on sunny days. Speeded up the drying process immensely! :)

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