Removing Bell Pepper flower bulbs.

EcopalMay 17, 2012

Hey Everybody

I have heard that when bell peppers first start to produce flower bulbs its best to remove them and let the plant establish itself first. Is this true? Also since summers coming is there any point in leaving them? Last year the heat was too much and all the blossoms fell off.

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I would say so, you need to allow the plant to establish itself before fruiting, especially if it flowered quickly. I know from experience that if a plant is stressed, many times it will try to reproduce quickly because it thinks that its at the end of its life cycle.

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I personally have never bothered to remove blossoms.The plants seem to drop the flowers if they are setting too many fruits,so I just let the plant do it's thing.The Bell peppers definately slowed production during the hottest part of Summer,but I would still get some fruits from them.Then in the fall,they started to increase again until the freezes zapped them.Best of luck

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Depending on the variety, I remove the blooms & tiny peppers until the plants gain enough size to support fruits - maybe 10-12 inches high. Some varieties don't put out too many early flowers or fruits, others do.

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