Cucurbita maximelo !NEW!

acornetiOctober 9, 2013

This new botanical sensation is the result of pollinating a Cucurbita maxima `Kabocha� style with Cucumis melo inodorus `Tiger� in the year 2012.
Many growers say that it would never be a true seed when a pumpkin is pollinated by a melon, but here it works very well, and we got a lovely sweet fruit with seeds pretty like melon-seeds, but all offspring is Cucurbita maxima or pollinated by itself Cucurbita maximelo.
This picture shows the mother fruit of our new botanical species: orange mottled like the tiger melon but clearly a C. maxima fruit.

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The first real Cucurbita maximelo in 2013 was only the size of an acorn and therefore is named `Acornetiô.

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Much more sweet than every other pumpkin, my wife and my son said.

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right: seeds from the mother of all C. maximelo (moam)
middle: first real C. maximelo `Acornetiô (selfed moam)
left: sibling of Acorneti (mother moam x C. maxima `Pumpkin de Durbanô with the result of big white pumpkin seed)

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