Fast Growing privacy bushes in mostly shaded area.

lute1812(6)June 13, 2012

What I'm looking for is a bush that grows very rapidly and reaches a height of 5'+, but I can trim. I'd like to plant four or five in a row to give my back yard some privacy as I live on a corner lot. The area is pretty much shaded except twigs of sunlight (maybe for about three hours in the AM). I live in the Ann Arbor MI area.

Something like the lilac bush, but that bush grows to slowly.



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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

You might try Privet. We had a large, overgrown hedgerow of it at our Old House and some of it was directly below a large maple, so it got very little sun (but it was the same height as the ones that got some sun). It grows quickly and if planted close together, can be quite dense. We ended up taking it down because it was such a mess-little did we know we could have hacked it like crazy and it would have come back! The only thing I would mention is that for some reason I was allergic to it, it made me itchy if I rubbed against it while mowing. DH had no problem with it though. Too bad you're not closer, I have two little ones we got at a plant swap that I'm still not sure where to plant that I'd have given you (but I'm in NY)! I have found them at a few garden centers though, and they typically aren't all that expensive either.

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Thanks will check into it. I see they are very inexpensive as I could pick up a number and plant about 1.5' apart.

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I grow arrow-wood viburnum as a privacy hedge. The best thing about arrow-wood is that they grow very upright and they get about 10 feet tall. They require no maintenance because they are the perfect shape and size to function as a tall living fence. You may have to remove some suckers, but I have not found them to sucker prolifically. So far, after 8 years, I have never felt the need to remove any suckers as they are insignificantly growing under the base of the hedgerow.

I have my arrow-woods in a shady location where they get very little dabble sun. They are not as dense in the shade, but, depending what you are trying to screen, for most things they should be dense enough. I'm screening out a neighbor. I'm not sure if I would use this same plant if it were a busy highway. Remember, shrubs grown in the shade will always be more open in density, in spite of this, I've found that this shrub is still very effective as a screen.

Be careful not to plant only one clone of arrow-wood, as they will produce less berries. Viburnums need cross-pollination of uniquely different DNA to produce berries in abundance. Depending on the length of your privacy fence, you may just need one other uniquely different arrow-wood in close proximity to achieve cross-pollination. Arrow-wood grows beautiful sky blue berry clusters that the birds love! I have not found the berries to be messy, as they are tiny and firm rather than juicy. Species arrow-wood grown from seed will always produce abundant berries, because they are not cloned vegetatively in the trade.

For the most upright variety, choose carefully as some varieties are bred to be fuller. Arrow-wood is named so, due to it's straight twigs which were were ideal for making arrows.

As a bonus, arrow-wood provides a decent color show in the fall.

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Privet is an invasive shrub.

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