Fiber optic grass

stephju(8 wa--coast)October 9, 2005

Has anyone had any luck with bringing their fiber optic grass inside during the winter? I tried it last year, but waited too long to bring it in. It had already started to die back. (No, it didn't come back in the spring). It is still looking good and was wondering about over-wintering it inside. Does it continue to grow? Do you give it a "hair cut" esp. around the bottom of the plant? Thanks for any info!

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AgastacheMan(z7 CA)

Washington State Coast right? I live in zone 7, and I have my Isolepsis overwinter in the ground and the pond every year. I do make sure to cut back the old growth before Spring, so that the plant can push new growth without problems. Over-wintering inside can be done, although try to keep it in a relative mild climate inside the house. Do not put it by a heater, fireplace etc. because it will fade, dry up, and spit at you. The best thing to do is find a sheltered sight outside, and overwinter it in soil while being on the moist side for the stolon protection.

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stephju(8 wa--coast)

Thanks, AgastacheMan, for your knowledgeable reply. I am experimenting...half of the gras went into the ground in a protected area, 1/4 was given a hair cut, and brought inside, 1/4 was simply repotted and brought inside. Should be interesting. Again, thanks for your help!

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wetdogfarm(MN 3b)

Just wondering how your indoor plant of fiber optic faired this winter, stephju? I live in zone 3 and I brought mine in and kept the pots in a water bath, low light, 60 degree basement. They did ok for several months but didn't stay alive until April. I read somewhere that they can be treated as a houseplant if kept wet, even in lower light, getting larger every year. I suppose my light was TOO low. I don't have the option of wintering outside. I tried direct sowing (what I think was) seed from the plant tips into my garden in the fall, as of today I haven't seen anything sprout. Anyone out there with any seeding experience with this plant?

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flybynyte(Z4 NE-SD)

I had fiber optic grass growing in a window box (along with other things) last summer. In the fall, I dug out the fiber optic grass, divided it, placed it in some pots, and grew it indoors over the winter. I placed it in a east facing window (btw, I found it will do just fine in low light area), kept it moist, and it did just fine. In fact, it started getting so big, I had to give it a haircut----couple of times. This spring, I divided one plant again, and gave some away.

BTW, I live in z4, so, I had to bring it in if I wanted it to survive the winter.

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stephju(8 wa--coast)

Hi Wetdogfarm,
Re: Fiber optic grass..Both of the ones I brought inside died. The one I planted in the ground died. The one I planted in the ground, pot and all lived and is currently doing extremely well. Good certainly is one heck of an experiment, isn't it!?

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