Gourds growing again.

njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)October 25, 2004

I planted my gourd in march.it bloomed alot but only ended up with one big gourd.Well NOW all them side branches on vine are blooming and have 7 gourds one is fist sized(these are either gallon gourd or a type of bottle gourd..white flowers,night bloomer)My 1st frost is(was nov 24th last yr)about a month away.so ........

1....will they have time to reach their size?

2.....if some are still small when frost hits will they be all right?

This is my 1st year growing them.I'm a coastal zone 8B south east TX.I was told I could let them cure on vine.The one from earlir in season still seems about same weight.the vine is brown about 3 inches up from gourd,but green rest of the way.It still looks good& green.

1...how long you recon will be from now till 1st one would be ready if dried on vine?

2...What effect does my humidity down here have on the drying effect?(if ran humitiy average for the month of Oct would get 65.7%)

I enjoy seeing what everyone does art wise with their gourds.The ideas just seem endless.

anyone use as planters?curious what ya do for them to work that way.

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I have had grouds start late on the vines. I just let them grow until the first frost and they just end up smaller gourds than they would have been had they started earlier in the season. I live in a humid climate and I don't know if the humidity has anything to do with curing but I know that the moisture causes more mold. I love the designs that the mold makes when I clean them. I had one gourd that I made into a bowl that had a perfect turtle picture on it made from the mold. I stayed with the theme and wood burned turtles on the rest of the bowl and lid.
Good luck with your gourds.

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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

I grew up in TN.Believe me I got ya beat on humidity& have it just about year round.
so for up there when are yours finished cureing?*when do you start yours?thinking of sending sis some to try.

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I use them as planters. I dont do anything special. Just make a big hole for the plant and soil, and drill about 4 small holes in the bottom for drainage. If you pick one with a pretty thick shell it will last about two years.

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