Winter Squash (Pumpkin) care.

Dennis49(9)October 17, 2012

Given: Squash vine with multiple "legs", some legs with fruit and some without.

Question: Do the legs without fruit contribute to the health and welfare of the legs with fruit?

Question: Are the legs without fruit superfluous?

Question: Will the fruit be better off without the legs with no fruit?

OR am I overthinging my gardening??


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The fruitless vine segments don't rob energy from the plant. Just the opposite. Leaves are essential to convert sunlight useable plant energy. JMHO.

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I'm guessing you found out just how much space those vines can take up. You can redirect them or prune them to fit in a given space if you have to, but in general you should just let them sprawl. The plant is not wasting energy it takes a lot of leaves to make a single fruit.

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