My Gourd Fountain

Nonnie_GA(7b GA)October 19, 2004

I have just finished my first gourd fountain and wanted you to see it. I also finished a gourd basket with the handle being the top of the gourd. I made both of these with my new Proxxon Mini-jigsaw. I love using it. The fountain is the seventh thumbnail.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Gourd Fountain

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sundae(NW Iowa)

I love them all!!!
Great job.


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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Thanks, Sandy. I really enjoy doing gourds.

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Nonnie-I am working on a fountain made from a gourd.Did you coat the inside with something to waterproof it? What did you sit the pump on? Yours is lovely..........Lillie

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lmorgie(z6 Oklahoma)

Nonnie loved all your work The fountain is awesome. Love the pitcher with ivy and handle basket. Lynne

Here is a link that might be useful: my soutwest gourd art

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Thank you all! Lillie, yes I did waterproof the basin gourd and the pitcher gourd. I used several coats of spar varnish for both. I poured the varnish into the pitcher and just rolled it around and brushed it on to the basin. I used the spar varnish on the inside and outside. The handle on the pitcher is made of clay and I had to give it about three coats. The pump is glued to the bottom of the gourd and I glued pieces of gourds onto it so that the black of the pump couldn't be seen. Here's a tip: on the pump there is a place to adjust whatever flow you want the fountain. Make sure it is going better than a trickle before you glue everything down! I learned from experience.

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Lillie1441(b3 TX)

Nonnie-I am using a big kettle gourd for my fountain.I just cut a hole in the front to make it look like the opening to a cave and painted the outside like a tropical jungle.I used silicone,the kind used for sealing around tubs and showers to coat the inside of the gourd to waterproof it.I hope this is going to work.LOL What kind of glue did you glue the pump down with? The inside bottom of my gourd has a hump in it and isn't flat so I suppose gluing the pump will be the sensible way to do it.Any ideas how to conceal the pump? I'd like to have it look like a waterfall on the inside but haven't figured that one out yet.LOL Thanks........Lillie

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Nonnie_GA(7b GA)

Lillie, that sounds like it will be really pretty! I glue all of my pumps down with Household Goop. It's waterproof and really holds. I used spar varnish to waterproof the two pieces. You could take pieces of gourd that are rounded at the top and long enough to cover the length of the pump and glue them directly to the pump. I would then, maybe, paint the piece or pieces a light blue and let the water run down the pieces like a waterfall. You could get some river rock, Michael's carries them, and glue them around the pump, too. I also used the Household Goop to glue the rubber tubing from the pump to the pitcher on top and it also sealed the hole where the tubing went in the pitcher. Again, I used Goop to glue and seal the hole where the electrical cord came out. Be sure and post a photo of your fountain when you are finished with it.

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